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NO OUTLET (or is there?)

Recently, I saw a familiar sign that caught my attention. It read NO OUTLET. Just a short distance away, I saw another that said the same. Now, these signs simply signal the fact that there is no going thru these areas. Other signs present the same message only they are more blunt in their declaration. They say DEAD END.

Have you encountered any of these signs in your journey? Their message is always the same-YOU CAN’T GET THRU! You received that message didn’t you? It was loud and clear. NO OUTLET. DEAD [with an emphasis on dead] END. These signs testify that you can go forward for a while, but soon progress will be stopped when you are confronted with an immoveable obstacle.

Of course, the only logical solution at that point is to backtrack. Reasoning says I’m just going to have to go back where I came from. To such reasoning, I must respond with an emphatic “NO!” You may have to do that in neighborhoods or on city streets, but you must never do that in your experience with the Lord! Hebrews 10:39 says But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. Backtracking is not an option!

We are left searching for a solution. We know that we must not go back, but we are perplexed at how to go forward. All around us with are confronted with signs. NO OUTLET. DEAD END.

There is a solution. Don’t look at the signs. Look up.

At the Red Sea, the children of Israel were confronted with NO OUTLET. They had reached a DEAD END (Ex. 14). But God was involved in their situation! His direction to them was “Forward” (Ex. 14:15). Such direction seemed strange in the face of their obstacle. “Forward” did not seem like a possibility.

However, we know the entire story. We know that God was about to miraculously create a way for them to go “forward” (Ex. 14:21-22).

Don’t occupy yourself with the obstacle. Don’t be overwhelmed because there is NO OUTLET. It’s not over. Focus on God. He is about to make a way by which you can go “forward!”

Going Forward,
Micah Perry

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on May.24, 2014