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Lessons from Fallow Ground

[B]reak up your fallow ground-Hos. 10:12

You may not be familiar with the term fallow ground, but you are familiar with what it is. Fallow ground is ground that has been left untended or that has not been worked with recently. Fallow ground might be ground that used to be a garden, but is now overgrown with weeds and brush. Fallow ground might be ground that has become hard and cracked due to a lack of irrigation.

The use of fallow ground in the scripture is an interesting analogy. There is much application to be made. Allow me to make several observations.

-There are areas in our lives that were once fertile and productive, but have since become hardened and unprofitable. What exactly these areas are will vary for everyone. This is a private matter between you and God. The point is that these areas need to be worked on/with!

-Primarily, personal effort should be made. You must break up your fallow ground.

-In working with fallow ground, you usually find out that there is more there than you realize. Just looking at the surface, you might conclude that you need to get material from somewhere else. However, the longer you labor, the more you realize what you have. The hardness of the ground simply covers up the potential that is there.

-It takes time. Breaking up fallow ground is not a quick task that is immediately completed.

-It’s hard work. The hardness of the ground demands excessive labor.

-After working with it a while, you need to take a break. Fallow ground is difficult to work with and demands much energy and effort. Times of rest and refreshing are essential!

-It’s a learning experience. You have to learn how to work with fallow ground. This learning is best accomplished “hands-on.” It is likely that you will need to make adjustments along the way!

Of course, I am not really talking to you about digging in the dirt! What I am talking about is those areas of your life that’s undeveloped, that you haven’t worked with in a while, that may be a bit difficult to deal with.

Be challenged! This is something that you need to do! Be encouraged! This is something that you can do with positive results!

Micah Perry

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Feb.07, 2015