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March 22, 2015

The following comes from a book entitled Christian Heroes and involves a short account about the great missionary Jim Elliot. Read it and be inspired! MP

By all accounts, Jim Elliot, born in Portland, Oregon, in 1927, was a candidate for the American dream. He was good looking, had an engaging personality, knew how to work hard, played sports, got good grades, and graduated in 1949 with highest honors from Wheaton College. But Jim Elliot’s dream was to know God and to serve him on the mission field, sacrificially if need be. Jim wrote in his journal: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

At Wheaton College, Jim fell in love with Elisabeth Howard, but hesitated to ask her to marry him until God gave him a direction for his life. In 1952, that direction was clear: God was calling him to Ecuador, to bring the gospel to Indian tribes who had never heard of Jesus. Elisabeth joined him a year later, and they were married in Quito.

. . . .A few years later, the Elliots teamed with four other missionary couples. . .in a daring, secret plan to make contact with the fierce Waorani tribe (sometimes called the Aucas). “Daring” because the Waorani had a reputation for killing outsiders. “Secret” because the missionaries did not want any publicity to ruin their chances of making contact.

After months of locating a village by plane and air-dropping gifts, the five men decided to make contact. Pilot Nate Saint flew them to a sandy beach on the banks of a nearby river on Tuesday, January 3, 1956. They waited. On Friday a Waoroni man and two women appeared at their camp for a friendly exchange. The men were excited. But on Sunday, their wives waited in vain for the daily radio contact. A search party discovered their husband’s bodies, pierced by Waorani spears, floating in the river.

A tragedy? Yes. A tragic waste of young lives? No. Because several years later Jim’s wife, Elisabeth, and Nate’s sister, Rachel, were invited to live in that same Waorani village, translate the Scriptures, and share the gospel. Many of the Waorani murderers gave their lives to Christ.

“The sheer joy of being in the will of God and the knowledge of His direction is my general experience”-Jim Elliot.

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Mar.21, 2015