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The Robert Vernon Story

The following excerpt is taken from Dr. James Dobson’s book When God Doesn’t Make Sense. It involves the testimony of the former assistant chief of police of the Los Angeles Police Department, Robert Vernon. His story is too detailed to insert it all. To sum it up, Vernon was forced out of his job after 37 faithful years of service basically because of his stand for God and for truth. Of course, he was angry and depressed that God had allowed such a thing happen to happen to him.

Let’s pick up his testimony from that point:

About that time I had an experience that helped clarify some things for me. My son and I decided to float down the Colorado River on a raft. It was a dramatic ride, I can assure you. We left with 18 friends from a place called Lee’s Ferry. As we floated out for the eight-day journey, someone said, “Well, we’re committed.” We sure were. By the third day there were some who had had enough. But that was too bad. There was no way out of the canyon except down the river. . . .

There were some extremely turbulent places along the path of the river. At Lava Falls, for example, the raft dropped 37 vertical feet in a distance of 75 feet. Our raft-master, named Robin, would say as we approached such a place, “This is gonna be a good one.” By that he meant, “We’re all gonna die!” Finally, we came to Kermit Falls, which for us was the most violent spot in the river. Suddenly, Robin seemed to lose control of the raft just as we started down the rapids. It spun sideways at the worst possible moment. For an instant, I was tempted to jump overboard. I really thought we were going to die. Then I heard the big Evinrude engine roaring at peak performance behind the raft. I realized that Robin had turned sideways on purpose. Then I saw a huge, jagged rock that had tumbled down from the walls of that great canyon. It was sticking up menacingly in the center of the river. That’s why Robin spun the craft. He did it so the full power of the motor could push us around the dangerous rock. If I had jumped from the raft, I’d have drowned or would have been crushed on the jagged rock.

To those of you who are plunging over the falls today, resist the temptation to jump overboard! God knows what He is doing. He has your raft sideways for a reason. Even though your reputation may have been ruined, you’re depressed, and you’re wondering what to do next. If you’ll listen carefully, you’ll hear the One who said to David, “Trust in Me!”

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Aug.08, 2015