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Marriage, Family, and the Home

I am absolutely certain that God is “for us” (Ps. 56:9, Rom. 8:31) both personally and collectively. In particular, I believe that God is for our marriages, our families, our homes. The family unit is under a great attack and I am afraid the overall status is grave. More than ever, we need God to be our GREAT ALLY not only to help us survive but to also thrive!
Recently, I have been reading a book by well-known author Max Lucado. Basically, it’s a book of short responses to letters that he has received. There’s a section in it regarding marriage in particular that I feel is appropriate for consideration. Here are a few excerpts:
Have you failed your spouse? If so, own up to it. Don’t minimize or deny it. . . .It’s not up to you to determine the recovery period. Don’t attempt to dictate the time it takes for a heart to heal. . . .Your spouse needs time to recover. How much time? As long as it takes.
Has your spouse failed you? As difficult as it may seem and as impossible as it may appear, forgiveness is your goal. Seek to give your spouse what God has given to you-grace.
(Concerning being married to another believer-see II Cor. 6:14) When my wife, Denalyn, and I climb into the same car, we must agree on the destination. We may disagree on the food we eat. We may disagree on the number of stops we make. We may even disagree on what music to play. But if she wants to go to Mexico and I want to go to Colorado, we have a problem.
Everything worthwhile takes time to make. . . .we want our spouse and our marriage to be perfect the first morning of the honeymoon. We want the perfect house painted the perfect color on the perfect street in Perfect Town, USA. We want to work the perfect job that pays the perfect salary and allows us to work with perfect people. We want the perfect kids to get the perfect grades and pick the perfect college.

Sound perfect? Sure.
Sound probable? No.

Be patient. Your spouse, your job, your home, your kids will not be perfect, at least not right away. Over time and with hard work, things fall into place. Maybe not perfect, but perfectly all right.

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Jan.23, 2016