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God’s Caring in the Everyday Part 2

In the last article, I spoke to you about a pamphlet I recently came across that contained the Title: God’s Caring in the Everyday: Tips for Curing Soul Fatigue.

We all familiar with the reality of physical fatigue. We know what it is to be so worn down in our bodies that we just want to drop where we stand in utter exhaustion. Likewise, we have experienced mental and even emotional fatigue. Have you ever said I’m tired of thinking this way or I’m sick of feeling like this?

Fatigue, in general, is a harsh reality of the human condition. However, this pamphlet brings the familiar (and unpleasant!) subject up in a way that I haven’t often considered. Soul fatigue. See, there is often more going on with our weariness than tired bodies, minds, and emotions. Under the surface of it all, there is a worn out soul.

The little booklet offers a good description of this condition. Weariness of soul is epidemic. The unmerciful crush of life’s demands can drain you of hope and joy, stunting your spiritual growth. Soul fatigue creates people who are rushed, always behind, wishy-washy, superficial, disconnected from God, and too tired to care. Our world pushes us into this frantic way of life that makes no sense. Can you relate? Ever feel like your life is stuck on fast-forward? Do you feel guilty when you relax? Is every thought weighed down with worry?

It also provides a quote from John Ortberg-When we are preoccupied with unhealthy habits, when we are not centered in God, our soul cries out in distress. When you choose to live a shallow life, one that only skims the surface of spirituality, your soul shrivels from neglect.

When I first saw the title of this little pamphlet I wondered does the soul get weary? Having considered it, I must conclude “yes!” As much as I would like to dismiss and discredit this little book, I have observed far too much of what it describes (among Christians) to deny it credibility. The nasty news is that the souls of many are fatigued. Even worse is the fact that some are not recovering. The condition has become fatal for them!

Yet, I must not conclude this article without pointing out another certain reality. There is DIVINE AID! Think about Jesus invitation in Matthew 11:28-29-Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

If you’re weary in your soul, why not accept His invitation, why not seize your opportunity and find the rest that you seek?

Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Mar.25, 2017