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An Old Testament Survey

I continue with the big task of surveying the Bible.  I sincerely hope and pray that there are things here that you can both learn from and enjoy!  MP



Author-Moses>he wrote the book as an eyewitness who observed and experienced the events described.

Years involved-It covers a period around 40 years that began shortly after the escape from Egypt and leading up to the actual entrance into Canaan.

Key major characters-Moses, Aaron, and Joshua

Key minor characters-Miriam, Korah, and Caleb

Key terms-twelve tribes>The Israelites are organized socially and politically by tribes descended from

                    the sons of Jacob.

                -Nazarite>A person who engages in a designated period of dedication to God.

                -Levites-The clan responsible for priestly duties and for the care of the tabernacle.


Purpose for the Book-

Numbers was written to record Israel’s history from their departure from Mount Sinai to their arrival in Moab on the east side of the Jordan River.  Numbers continues the account of God’s faithfulness in making of Abraham a “great nation.”


The book’s purpose is to contrast God’s covenant faithfulness to Israel’s faithlessness and rebellion.  God keeps [H]is promise to make them a numerous people (shown by the census) and to bring them to the Promise Land.  But from the beginning, the people grumble, rebel against God’s leadership, and refuse to enter the land.  They not only wander in the wilderness, they wander into false worship.  The people test God at every level even while God is providing their needs.


Interesting detail-

The covenant theme of Genesis is continued as God reveals [H]imself and fulfills promises despite obstacles.  The Exodus theme of God’s [P]resence is continued as is the Leviticus theme of holiness.


Key thought on God’s Response to Sin-

In Numbers, we catch a glimpse of how severely God deals with sin.  When the Israelites stopped obeying God and turned their backs on [H]im, they suffered tremendously.  It’s a frightening thing to read about.  But as you read Numbers, keep this in mind:  God never stops loving [H]is people-even when they sin.  He hates sin, but [H]e loves the sinner.  Moses described God in Numbers as longsuffering, merciful, and forgiving (14:18). . .


Information compiled from The King James Student Bible, The Essential Bible Companion, Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, and Survey of the Old Testament.



Posted by Pastor Micah Perry on Aug.23, 2017